October 3rd – 7th

This week we are working on:

  • The letter sound ‘Ii’. It is called and makes the sound “eee”. We know the words: kiwi, merci, hibou, souris, petit, bibliothèque, finir. Click on the poster for ‘Ii’ to hear the story that helps us remember its sound.
  • We are headed to the Salute to the Sockeye on Tuesday. Buses depart first thing in the morning. We should arrive by 10:00am and we leave at 1:30pm. Students will be carrying their own backpacks all day so pack only the necessities. Dress for the weather. Thank you so much to our parent volunteers – we will meet you out there. 
  • We’ll be sharing different ways our families celebrate and come together to show love and caring. Merci, merci by Will Stroet is a favourite of ours to sing for Thanksgiving.
  • Click the book titles below to read the words we’re learning with right now.  Lecture Enfant – login username: llgg1  password: lire2


  • Art Cards (PAC fundraiser) will come home on Wednesday. Follow the instructions on the back if you wish to order.
  • Wednesday is library day. Last week our computers were not working so we kept our books in the classroom.
  • No School Monday Oct 10th – Action de Grâces (Thanksgiving)
  • Please RSVP and save the date for Oct 12th Come Read With Me 8:45-10:10am.

September 26th – 29th

This week we are working on….

  • The letter sound Ee. We know the words: grenouille, tigre, cheval, chiffre, cheveux,  melon, genou.
    • Click on the links below to keep learning with the letter Ee. Try reading this week’s Lecture Enfant books with your child. Practice hearing the sound “euh” in the words you hear, seeing the letter Ee in the print and repeating the sentences back or reading along.
  • Orange Shirt Day is this Thursday the 29th. We will be discussing chaque enfant compte all week. 
  • In Maths, we are working on printing digits 2 and 3. We are also working on naming numbers 0-20. Printing numbers backwards is a common challenge for grade 1s as is naming those numbers 11-19 out of order. We also continue reviewing our 2D shapes and making patterns.


  • No school for students on Friday the 30th.
  • Parents please RSVP for Come Read With Me by Oct 5th. 
  • Welcome Back BBQ at 4 pm – Thank you to our PAC

September 20th – 23rd, 2022

This week we are working on:

  • Stream of Dreams!  This week our school gets to participate in this wonderful program.  
    • No library this week due to Stream of Dreams. Grade 1s will visit the library on Wednesdays.
  • Friday is our school Terry Fox Run. Bring a toonie for Terry and wear bright colours. Kindergarten and grade 1 students run on the field while grades 2-7 run a sidewalk route in the neighbourhood. 
  • We will discuss perseverance. This ties together the salmon, Terry Fox and adjusting to new grade 1 expectations. 
  • Sight words: voici, c’est, regarde, il y a, je vois, j’aime. We’ve been reading, writing and speaking using these special words.


  • No school on Monday the 19th
  • Save the date! Grade 1 parents are invited to Come Read With Me. Look for a yellow invitation to come home this week. October 12th, 8:45-10:15 in the library and classrooms.
  • Label everything your child could lose at school. Support the PAC with Mabels Labels or a simple Sharpie name will do. Most frequently lost items are: sweatshirts, water bottles, containers, cutlery and winter accessories. 
  • Orange Shirt Day is the 29th.
  • No school on September 30th – Truth and Reconciliation Day

September 12th – 16th, 2022

Welcome grade 1 families to our classroom blog!

Each week, we post the big ideas we’re working on in class. Click on the hyperlinks to open songs and videos. Check out the menu bar above for more information and resources to support learning at home.


This week we are working on…

  • Getting to know les amis!  
    • Our learning begins outside each morning. We practice our conversation skills, sing songs and play games together. 
  • Our first trip to the library is on Wednesday. Please send a cloth bag for books.
  • We are starting with the vowel sound Aa. We will work on this vowel sound all week. What the letter is called, what sound it makes, hearing and seeing the sound in words we know like ananaspapamaman, arbreami, chatvacheWe’ll practice printing in our workbooks, writing in our journals and reading sound blends like la, ta, sa, ma, na, va, ça.
    • We use a reading program called Au village des sons to help us remember the shapes of the letters and the sounds they make. There is a short story for each sound, a character poster and an action to help us remember – this is the story of petit a. For the last link below you will need a login and password: Lecture Enfant –   login username: llgg1  password: lire2


  • Read, complete and return all school forms. There will also be two permission slips. One is a walking permission slip and the other is the Salute to the Sockeye on Oct 4th.
  • Remember to label everything! 
  • Please ensure your child has a water bottle every day.

Summer Reading

We encourage families to use Lecture Enfant to listen and read along to levelled reading books. The report card will let you know what level your child is working on.  Login: llgg1  Password: lire2

  • Extending readers are working on expression, fluency and increasing their vocabulary in level ‘I – iglou’ and beyond.


The school bus will drop us off at the Group Campsite around 9:20am. We will have a snack and use the facilities. We’ll organize groups and go over expectations. Parents can use this time to leave a few vehicles at the endpoint of the hike – the Beach at the Provincial Park. 

Students need to dress for the weather. They will pack their own backpack all day with their lunch and enough water. 

June 27th – 29th

This week we are… holding onto our hats and crossing our fingers for good weather!

  • Monday is Primary Fun Day!
    • Dress is bright rainbow colours! Don’t forget the hat and sunscreen and to label that water bottle. The grade 6 students have organized all of the activities this year. We can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with. Merci to PAC for providing the freezies – miam!
  • Tuesday is our day of hiking at Paul Lake.
    • Dress for the weather. It is a moderate hike along the lake and then up to the Rock of Gibraltar. The reward for all the uphill is a spectacular view! Then we walk down to the Provincial Park. The bus will drop the students off at the overnight camp site and then drive over to pick us up at the park. Pack enough water and food but no extra weight in the backpack as your child will be packing it all day.
  • Wednesday we start with a year end assembly. Students will come home with their report card and all their remaining belongings.  Early dismissal is 12:30. We will eat snack but no lunch on this day. 


June 20th – 24th

This week we are working on:

  • Health and Safety. We will discuss consent, secrets and the names of body parts. We’ll also discuss who the safe adults are in our lives that we can go to when we have questions or if we need help. 
  • In maths, we will be discussing Canadian coins
  • Tuesday is Canada’s National Indigenous Peoples Day. We will be singing the Welcome Song and reading a story with Mme Jules.
  • Wednesday is our LAST LIBRARY day. Please return all school reading materials. We will do a homework check-in but we will not be taking new books home.
  • On Thursday, we will attend a presentation about the TNRD’s Summer Reading program. 
  • Friday we are headed to the BC Wildlife Park. We will attend a workshop All About Bees, explore the park, ride the train and play at the playground. Please pack a hearty snack and lunch and plenty of water. Check the weather and dress your child appropriately. 

June 13th – 17th

This week we are working on:

  • Jobs in the community. We’ll start by talking about the jobs we do at home and at school and what adult jobs we see around us. Then, we’ll discuss some of the jobs we know about in the community. Here’s a fun song to help learn les metiers!
  • In maths, we continue to work on measurement. 
  • Wednesday we will exchange our homework and library books for the last time. Next week (June 22nd) we will return all books for summer break.
  • On Thursday, the grade 6/7s are putting on their final band concert.
  • Remember to pack inside shoes if arriving in rain boots. The forecast looks awfully wet for most of the week. La pluie!

June 6th – 10th

This week we are working on:

  • Discussing different types of places and communities. Watch the videos linked below to hear some of the vocabulary around places, jobs and buildings. 
  • In maths we are having lots of fun with non standard measurement. We use blocks, paperclips, markers and even our hands and feet to take measurements. Check out the books and videos below to help build vocabulary and understanding of maths concepts. 
  • WEDNESDAY! We only have two more trips to the library before the end of the year. We are also on our last homework tracking sheet for the year. Remember to work on literacy with your child every day (10-15 minutes) and sign those flowers in the duotang. Students who complete their tracking sheet will get to pick one more prize before the year is out. 
  • Permission slips came home last Wednesday for a trip to the Wildlife Park on June 24th and hiking at Paul Lake on June 28th. Please sign and return to school. $10 can be paid through: https://sd73.schoolcashonline.com