Sept 20th – 24th

What we’re working on…

  • Continuing with the letter Aa
    • Home reading preview!  Click on the book titles below to open Lecture Enfant. You may require: username: llgg1  password: lire2. Listen to the book La lettre A with your child. Practice hearing the sound “ahhh” in the words you hear, seeing the letter Aa in the print and repeating the sentences back or reading along. The second book, Comment ca va? is a question we ask every morning.  You can even practice simple sound blends and sight words. The school has paid for a subscription to Lecture Enfant, please use it.


  • No school for students on Monday the 27th or Thursday Sept 30th.
  • Orange Shirt Day is the 29th.
  • We are practicing a lockdown drill Wednesday and our 3rd fire drill on Friday.
  • Mme Ruston’s class has Library on Mondays. Mme Koldewijn and Mme Roy will visit the library on Wednesdays.  Mme Michelle encourages students to transport library books in a bag to protect her treasures. We recommend the welcome to kindergarten bag or something similar.

Sept 13th – 17th

Welcome grade 1 families to our classroom blog. Each week, we post the big ideas we’re working on in class. Click on the hyperlinks below for songs and videos. Check out the menu bar above for more information and resources to support learning at home.

This week we are working on…

  • Les amis! Getting to know each other’s names.
  • We will continue to practice trying to play without touching our friends and respecting personal space. We will continue to build routines and expectations all month.
  • Colours! We will sing songs, dance, write and read stories.
  • We are starting with the vowel sound Aa. We will work on this vowel sound all week. What the letter is called, what sound it makes, hearing and seeing the sound in words we know like ananaspapamaman, arbreami, chatvacheWe’ll practice printing in our workbooks, writing in our journals and reading sound blends like la, ta, sa, ma, na, va, ça.
    • We use a reading program called Au village des sons to help us remember the shapes of the letters and the sounds they make. There is a short story for each sound, a character poster and an action to help us remember. Ask your child to retell you the story of petit a.


  • Check the weather and dress your child appropriately. We begin each morning outside for gym and we play outside at recess and lunch. We will stay indoors in the case of a thunder storm, heavy rains or extreme cold. We do not need extra shoes until the weather turns.
  • Remember to label everything!
  • Please ensure your child can manage the containers and packaging in their lunch as well as their water bottle.

Back to School 2021/2022

Bonjour and welcome back to a new school year!

Check your email for communications from the office. Click below to go to the Lloyd George website where you will find the new bell schedule, the school calendar and the latest health and safety information from the district. À bientôt!

Week 39

June 28th – 29 1/2 th

This week we are working on:

  • Nothing! We are not starting any new projects this week.
  • On Monday we will read and share our favourite picture books and cuddle with our favourite stuffies.
  • Staying cool. Please ensure your child has a full water bottle and a hat.
  • Tuesday, report cards will come home along with any other materials, clothing, shoes etc. Dismissal is at 11:30am, we will only be eating a snack at school.
  • This is the last blog post for the year – youpi! All links and resources will remain active and available throughout the summer. Lecture Enfant is also still available for summer reading. login username: llgg1  password: lire2

Week 38


  • and some chores

June 21st – 25th 

This week we are working on:

  • Getting through the end of year clean up. Taking home materials, checking the lost and found, organising books, etc.
    • Please let us know if your child’s last day is not June 29th. Merci 🙂
    • Please return all school books. 
  • Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day by taking part in a school wide project led by Mme Jules. 
  • Playing with all the toys and centres one last time. See the schedule below.
  • Celebrating l’été! Remember to pack a full water bottle every day and hats and sunscreen applied before school are recommended. 

Week 37

June 14th – 18th

This week we are working on:

Home Reading:

  • This week we are returning library materials and listening to Mme Michelle read one last story. We will not be taking out new books from the library.
  • We will still exchange classroom home reading books  on Tuesday – one last time. We would like all classroom reading materials returned by Friday June 25th.


  • Report Cards are issued on the last day of school. June 29th – dismissal at 11:30.
  • Planning an early summer? Please let us know so we can send materials home and go through the lost and found.

Week 36

June 7th – 11th

This week we are working on:

  • Community! We’re discussing where we live, features of the natural environment, buildings and places we go, and jobs and people in our community. 
  • We continue to learn with our story – Le Rat de ville et le Rat des champs.
  • M Clyde is exploring Canadian coins with students – what’s on them, their value and how we exchange money for goods and services.

Home Reading:

  • We’re in the home stretch and we couldn’t be more pleased with student’s reading progress this year. Students have worked very hard all year and parents, my goodness, way to persevere! Grade 1 is the start of homework. As you know, les devoirs, really means more work for parents! It is the parents who must schedule in that time to read, who must remember to pack materials on library day, keep track of the home reading duotang, know where all those little French books are, and find a way to make it fun! Day in and day out.
    • Thank you for all you do to support your child’s learning – merci, merci!
  • Tuesday we will still be exchanging library and home reading materials. Only a couple Tuesdays left.
  • Click on the flyer below to see what’s new for June at Scholastic.


  • The last day of school is Tuesday June 29th – dismissal at 11:30am. Report cards will go home on the last day of school.
  • We will send home all personal belongings and materials by Friday the 26th.
  • Full water bottle every day and a hat for the sun.

Week 35

May 31st – June 4th

This week we are working on:

  • Town Mouse Country Mouse! This fable will help us discuss setting in greater detail. We will discuss and compare the two different settings – urban and rural. What do we see and hear in these two places? What kinds of activities can we do in the city and in the country?
  • Throughout the month of June, we will be talking about our own homes, yards, neighbourhoods and city. 

Toujours parfait : La souris des villes et la souris des champs B: Charlesworth, Liza, Smith, Ian: BooksFables d'Esope pour les petits par Rosie Dickins, Lesley Sims, Caroline Spatz, Laura Wood, Esope | Jeunesse | Contes/Poésie/Théâtre |

Home Reading:

  • We will pick prizes on Tuesday for reading throughout the month of May.
  • We only have two more library visits this year! Soon it will be time to collect all the library and home reading materials for summer.


  • Remember to label sun hats and send a fresh full water bottle every day.


Week 34

May 25th – 28th

This week we are working on:

  • Reading with expression! Les trois chèvres has been a fun way to practice different character voices and a neutral narrator voice.  
  • Writing short stories and other short texts. At this point in the year, students have enough oral language and knowledge of letter sounds to write whatever they want. 
  • M Clyde will be wrapping up measurement for the end of May. He’ll be finishing off the year with money.

Couverture de livre : Le petit grain extraordinaire. Lalie Harcourt et Ricki Wortzman. Traduit par Daniel Dionne. Adapté par Jennifer Mallette. Révisé par Donna McLaughlin.Couverture de livre: Beaucoup de points ! Lalie Harcourt et Ricki Wortzman. Illustré par Dave Whamond.Couverture de livre: Un beau nid. Lalie Harcourt et Ricki Wortzman. Illustré par Christine Tripp.Couverture de livre : C’est bien d’être long ! Tillie Golsof et G. E. Park. Traduit par Daniel Dionne. Adapté par Jennifer Mallette. Révisé par Donna McLaughlin.Couverture de livre : La taille des animaux. Lalie Harcourt et Ricki Wortzman. Traduit par Daniel Dionne. Adapté par Jennifer Mallette. Révisé par Donna McLaughlin.Couverture de livre : Les gagnants de la foire. Tillie Golsof et G. E. Park. Traduit par Daniel Dionne. Adapté par Jennifer Mallette. Révisé par Donna McLaughlin.

Home Reading:

  • Last chance to fill in those flowers for reading in May. We will be awarding prizes next Tuesday, June 2nd.
  • Enjoy the maths titles above. You can hit pause to read off the screen at your own pace or listen and follow along. There are maths activities to try for each book.


  • Tuesday we visit the library and exchange home reading books.
  • No school on Monday May 24th – Victoria Day
  • Thursday May 27th is Super Hero Day. An email was sent by the office last week explaining this day. In grade 1, we were hoping for super hero t-shirt or pjs – PLEASE NO COSTUMES OR PROPS!


Week 33

May 17th – 20th

This week we are working on:

  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff. There are a few different titles for this story in French (boucs, chèvres, barbichu), click on the stories below to hear in YouTube. This story will give us the chance to use all the adjectives we’ve been learning as well as the language of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and small, medium and large. We hope our classrooms will be loud and full of theatrics this week!
  • Students continue to work on measurement in maths as well as addition and subtraction strategies below 20.

Les trois boucs - cartonné - Jean-Louis Le Craver, Rémi Saillard, Céline Murcier - Achat Livre ou ebook | fnacToujours parfait : Les trois boucs (E), Book by Liza Charlesworth (Paperback) | www.chapters.indigo.caGB+ Contes et théâtre | Série OrangeLes Trois Boucs Bourru. - YouTubeLes 3 boucs. N°7. Raconte moi des histoires - YouTube

Home Reading:

  • Remember consistency is key when learning how to read. 10-15 minutes daily with a supportive and patient adult.
  • Students have been taking photocopied books home all year. Please hold on to this collection of photocopied books to read over the summer. 
  • Tuesday is our book exchange day for library materials and home reading books!


  • No school for students on Friday May 21st
  • No school on Monday May 24th
  • Remember a full water bottle every day and to label sun hats.